Welcome to our family pics for the period 1910 – 1968. Check it out and click a picture to enlarge.
The house on the left is located in Semarang in the thirties. My grandparents (Guus and Toos Werdmüller von Elgg) and their children lived here.

I found an old drawing of ‘Werdtmuller’ from Elgg, a village in Switzerland and near the river Wert.


..and in Elgg (Switzerland), is this the Schloss?

The Werdmuller Castle

The Werdmuller family is recorded from 1300 AD and their castle still exists in Elgg, a small town near Zurich in Switzerland, where it is open to the public. The title Von Elgg was bestowed for services rendered by a member of the Werdmuller family to the ruler of that domain at an early date. There are still old leather bound volumes of the family history in existence, which include the story of William Tell of “apple and arrow” fame, who actually existed and was a family member. The Werdmuller clan is very small and the senior members exert control of the inheritance. When Patricia Werdmuller von Elgg married into the family, she had to spell out her credentials to their satisfaction – a requirement before acceptance of any progeny from the union

For additional information see: www.swisscastles.ch/Zurich/schloss/elgg.html


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